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Welcome to Shadow Pact

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Who are we?

We created this discord server to communicate between friends through voice chat, since then we have expanded and are now a  MMO gaming community. We enjoy all aspects of gaming, trading, trials, PVP, squad runs etc. We enjoy nothing more than to team up get into a chat channel and have a good laugh.

Where are we?

We are mainly on EU servers but you do not need to come from the EU to be a part of this community.


We Welcome all players:

We are looking to expand our Tarkov community so if your new or experienced your are more than welcome, we also are happy for both causal players and more tactical players. We encourage all members to help each other out, so don't hesitate to ask questions no matter what they are. We stream using the go live feature on discord to help yeah others and share tips and learn from mistakes made. We have a relaxed approach but we do ask you follow a few the rules the most important one to Respect one another!


Discord server:



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