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Priorities Scheduling and Core Mechanics


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I've been playing EFT for almost a year now and I think I can make some considerations about 2 of the most important mechanics in the game.

Now, please consider this as my Point Of View, not some criticism nor a rant, because your project has a LOT of potential and I'm just giving my advice so you can make use of it in the best way.

-The first thing I would like to talk about is the Movements Speed. This mechanic is a very important one in my opinion, so it should be treated carefully. Now, I was searching this kind of topic on the Internet for some time, then I came across this post:


After reading the whole discussion, i couldn't disagree: movements are indeed too fast (both walking and running speed) and I tought this was a good point actually. Because, you see, coming from titles like Squad, Project Reality: BF2 and Arma, I think movements speed could be slowed down a little more than a bit...I would like to make you notice the speed of the movements of the people in the RAID shorts, in the patch trailers, where you move way slowly than the actual gameplay, or just take some reference from the link above. If movements were that slow, this game would become far more realistic than what it's now, and surely a goddamn piece of art.

-The second main mechanic i would like to discuss is the damage; in my opinion, the HP system is old and quite inadequate, I'll explain why:

In MilSim titles, the characters' bodies (or limbs in Tarkov case), don't have a number of HP, and neither they do in real life. Actually it's quite simple: you get shot, you are incapacitated of shooting back to begin with (because a lot of time people just absorb the shot like it was made of paper -in case of an arm or stomach hit- without an immediate negative effect and are usually able to shoot back AND kill without much problems). Now I know it's not so easy to decide to solve the issue and it takes a LOT of time, but this is a core mechanic and it is a main issue in my opinion which needs to be fixed ASAP instead of adding new content to the game (I have nothing against new content) but, as the title suggest, it would be very healthy for the game if you consider rescheduling your priorities and address them to fix these vital mechanics.


Once again, this is just my POV, not a criticism nor a rant, i just think that making these changes to the core mechanics will turn the game into something really, REALLY outstanding, since (I'll never stop saying this) it has A LOT of potential.


Thanks for your time.

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On 1/18/2020 at 3:16 PM, Beobachtung_V said:

movements are indeed too fast

It's a problem indeed. People jumping dodging bullets, no inertia implemented which leads to A/D strafing in pure arcade style. I've read somewhere they're working on it...how is gonna be?We will see..

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On 1/24/2020 at 12:21 AM, N1shazu said:

It's a problem indeed. People jumping dodging bullets, no inertia implemented which leads to A/D strafing in pure arcade style. I've read somewhere they're working on it...how is gonna be?We will see..

This, right there, is why I uninstalled the game and I'm not playing it again until it gets fixed.


When I used to play EFT, slowly walking inside of buildings, alone, watching for every little noise, clearing every corner like if there was an enemy behind, it felt so deep, terrifying, visceral, so REAL. Really, NO OTHER game ever gave me these sensations. All this, just to get insta-sprayed by some brain-dead rushing around a corner at a speed so ridiculously high, that I can't even see him.


It's not about being a "realism maniac" like some people claim, but more like replacing the "skills" that are necessary to "win" (which now are: being able to click repeatedly on a fast moving target; having a high frame-rate; flying from the 2nd floor to the ground through the stairs to surprise your enemy; ecc.) with others, different from the ones of more generalist games, more "realistic" ones (like actually thinking before moving, evaluate the risk vs. reward of going somewhere, knowing that you can't clear a corner if there's an enemy watching it, having to rely on your good positioning to win a firefight instead of just A/D strafing; ecc.), thus creating a game that is different from the mass of casual shooters out there.


Who cares if you can't rush to the opposite side of a 16 Km² map in one raid, you'll have to settle with what you have and loot nearby places, eventually you will spawn in a more favourable location in the next raid. I think this would be more coherent to the game's philosophy too.


My very personal suggestion, would be to slow down movements to get roughly these speeds:

- New walking = today's walking with noise slider at minimum

- New sprinting = today's walking with noise slider at maximum (but of course without the ability to shoot)


Please BSG, focus on these core mechanics which are killing the game in my opinion

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I can agree to this. Unfortunately the movement speed isn't the only thing that needs a fix. It is clear Tarkov wants to be as close to realistic as possible. They have not achieved that in certain areas. Example the bullets. There is a few that are not in line with their RL counter parts

Knowing that, I doubt a fix will be coming soon. Until then here is some information on what I am referring to if you wish to read military or NATO tests:

SP-10 (7N29) 9x21 Gyurza - two 1.2mm titanium plates, plus 30 layers of kevlar at 50 meters

SS190 Duty 5.7x28mm - NATO Crisat Target or IIIA armor at 200 meters

2g DM11 Penetrator 4.6x30mm - NATO Crisat Target at 300 meters

SP-6 9x39mm - 2.8 mm of titanium or 30 layers of Kevlar at 200 meters

NATO Crisat Target - 1.6mm grade 5 titanium plate in front of 20 layers of Kevlar

not 100% on this:

STs-130VPS - 16 mm of steel at 200 meters, or GOST 6a at 200m behind cover

GOST 6a - Russian GOST Class 6a armor is equivalent to NIJ Level IV armor, it being proof against three shots of B-32 API at no more than 10 meters distance

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Hello and thanks for replying.

I'm happy to see that some people agree with me...i heard about inertia being implemented with a patch but the question is: When?

This is kind of a major problem which breaks the game in my opinion, people that are peeking corners literally strafe left and right to not get hit, this is expecially true for close quarters maps with many corners...i think this should be brought to the developers' attention and get fixed ASAP, along with some other problems breaking the game experience as well... (Server desync, framerate and stutters, broken netcode, ecc...)

So please, let's spread the message until it reaches Nikita, maybe the problems will be fixed someday...

Many thanks again for replying.

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