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Game as worst performances than before

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I've been playing EFT since August 2019, and recently I started having a lot of issues with the game. It started stuttering like crazy ( like 1-2 sec freezes) and frequently. I have not changed any settings and the game was running almost perfectly fine before. My last raid ended while I was in one of those stutter, and when the game came back, I was dead loosing everything obviously.

As much as I love the game this type of lag is completely unacceptable even more so when the game was running fine before...

Am I the only one with this issues? Is there a known fix?

I already tried reinstalling the game + launcher but  the game still freezes here is a video to show you how it looks like : https://imgur.com/a/9W4je03

Thanks for your future help  

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Never experienced that. Almost looks like the game is freezing trying to access the hard disc and/or system ram or video ram is getting full. I'd look into those areas. 

What's your specs?

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I experience stutters/freezes as well although it is not bad as yours.
It happens every 2min or so for me. 

My Config: 
Windows 10
RTX 2080ti
i7 7700k
32 GB of Ram

Would love a fix.

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