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Scavs should behave more naturaly

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SCAVs (NPCs/Bots) do behave non-natural and even TELL enemies that you are a human Player or WHERE you are. 


Basic Issue:

The Way they move! You can easily make a difference between a Bot or a Human-Scav...

They do not loot! Why not?! Let them loot a littlebit! First off this raises the "trade off" (if you play as Scav: Should I kill this Scav now? Maybe he has looted good stuff..) and secondly: Scavs do not loot nor JUMP... so NPC-Scavs are easy to detect. Players simply do behave differently if they do belief the other "Scav" (as Enemy or Friend) is also a human... :(


Problematic Issues:

SITUATION: You do sneak into a Building (as SCAV!). You know an enemy is in the Building too.

NPC-Scavs ALWAYS start to talk or/and raise their Hand. All your silent sneaking was useless...

Sometimes they talk even through floors so you sneak on Floor Level 2 and the Scav in the Ground of the Building lets anyone know "here is a human Scav Player comming, be aware my little PMC-Friends". Or if you play as a Scav they will mostly raise their hand... But they do NOT if they face an NPC-Scav... so you can easily get "spotted" as being human...


Also: Why do the Scavs always have to "cry" so loudly....

Why can't they whisper if they are maybe in a Building, or just being silent and raise the Hand...?!

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