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Implement "Books" Players need to "read"

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I would like to see "Books" getting implemented to make a Player aware of Stats of different Weapons or Bullets.

Right now I need to visit the Wiki freequently to look up different Statistics of different Bullets for example.


Lets be realistic: No matter if you where in the Army or not: You do not know everything about anything...

So why not making this a "tradeoff" in the Game?!


I find "new" Bullets but I can not identify them because i lack the "knowledge". I can tell you that those Bullets will fit my 9mm Pistol (becaue I am a soldier who can determine the Caliber) but except this: No clue.... Maybe I can say if its HP or not but can I know the difference between serval Types of Bullets without the knowledge from a Book? Likely not...


So I find a Book in the Game and now I can read (need to put it in the Hideout, in a Libary maybe!) about specific things like "western Ammo Types" or stuff like this.

Also this would be usefull to allow People to modify Weapons. I am not sure if each and every soldier knows exactly how to Mod a Weapon he never was trained for and co....


Right now I simply identify everything (for example at a Trader so I do not have to do this in the Game): I think that is far too easy! Also that you can identify "unknown" Items via FLEAR or Traders is maybe not desired. I would consider this a Design-Bug since you dont have to "identify" (not matter if with my Idea or not) in the Game (Round) currently.


Also: If you do not own a Book you will not be able to identify Items. That would also be a nice addition. So precise identification can take time (maybe some Minutes to read up in the "Book") So maybe a Book for Scopes, then a SPECIAL Book for Nightvisions and co.... something like that would be nice. And you need to own the Books to identify the Items (in the Game)...

This in combination to your "Memory"-Skill. So identify an Item ONCE is not enought. Maybe ONCE in a Round so if you found a second (identical) Item you do not have to identify things but except this you need to "remember" from what you read in the Books at your Hideout...


So if you did not identified Bullets for a time it takes longer since you need to remember...

And it would be kind if Stats like Pentration, Fragmentation Chance and co: Get displayed in the Game! Likely after you own a Book about the specific Ammo...

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I honestly dont think we need this in EFT. Its kinda extra in a way that it takes it too far. People cant get to use things they dont have the books for, it makes finding and using new items too much of a chore and you wouldnt be able to examine an item during a raid, which would make really silly applications to this. You find a new weapon as a noob and then you cant use it during the raid you found it from, as you havent read a book. Its just silly.

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