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Matching Times Inquiry

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With all of these trending questions about matching time, I generally am confused as to why this would happen. 

Obviously it has been brought on from the Twitchmageddon of the new year, and susequentially due to the overload of the players. I have seen alot of speculation but my question is this: can anyone actually provide a reasonable explanation as to why it is taking a whole month (plus) to set up some backend servers for the game. Can't they simply rent out cloud servers from another company? Shouldn't they have planned for this amount of surge?

Additionally, does it take a month to set up a single server? I know that Tarkov mentioned completing a few like in South Africa, Chile, and such... but why are we not seeing a queue change, then?

Our discord news from official EFT is full of backend issues, and this seems like a really important and even game-breaking issue that is seriously inhibiting the growth of the game into "mainstream" culture.

Thanks guys.

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