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Corrupted Memory Anticheat

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Had the same issue after reinstalling my windows. Realized that I installed MSI dragon center that I did not have before. I deleted the software but also updated windows to 20h2. No more issue. Dunno which one of these helped but I assume it was dragon center from MSI

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UPDATE I have updated my Windows to the 20H2 version and it seems to have fixed this issue. I'll test more after I finish work. I've seen Alot of people say updating windows or resetting windows

I deactivated the Nvidia Ingame Overlay and now it works. Maybe this helps someone else.

Would be cool if someone find a solution. I tried everything and nothing helped. 

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On 2/23/2021 at 4:03 PM, dreamer180 said:

Anyone else who is having this issue, you just have to update your windows to 20H2 version and *poof* its fixed.

but...20H2 borks my pc...

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On 2/25/2021 at 1:23 AM, jachyl said:

but...20H2 borks my pc...

That sucks... 

That update fixed my game and still havent had any issues.

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"Corrupted Memory #0

Some (low-level) software on your system performs a disallowed memory operation. Please try to close all unnecessary programs while playing the game. Recently, we are seeing an increased amount of reports from players using the latest version of “MSI Dragon Center” and “MSI SDK”. Please completely uninstall those from your system and reboot to solve the issue. Alternatively, you can also try updating your Windows 10 to version 2004 or higher, as that seems to fix the issue as well. If that doesn’t help please perform a full repair reinstallation of Windows."


Actually uninstalling MSI software worked for me. To bad BSG doesn't fix this issue and the user is the one having to uninstal its hardware control software and must have the know-how. Worse is going in raid and getting the error after the raid starts. Ofc, nothing gets back and time is wasted. Anyway, this happend after instaling the latest MSI DC

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Escape from Tarkov Support Yesterday at 09:45


Please make sure you have enough free ram for the game to work and also that the Virtual Memory(paging files) is active and configured correctly.

You must verify the integrity of the files and clear the cache. If necessary, re-install the game.

We also recommend that you check that no other program is interfering with the game's smooth operation. It is also necessary to have permission in your antivirus for the game to work perfectly.

Please disable any overclocking configured on your PC(CPU and GPU). Check that your XMP profile is configured correctly(if your RAM is DDR4.)

Thank you for contacting us!
If we answered your questions, please close this request and rate quality of our support service.
Respectfully yours, the Escape from Tarkov support service."

That was sent to me after reporting. I started getting the error after downloading MSI Afterburner and GameCenter. I also had Riot Vanguard from playing Valorant. Uninstalled Afterburner, GameCenter, Valorant and Vanguard. Uninstalled BSG Launcher and Tarkov. Reinstalled BSG Launcher and Tarkov. Went into raid and got the error again. I am so new to Tarkov with a brand new rig, I may just reset my profile to see if that will do the trick...

Could the installation of Afterburner done something to the memory?

My concern is why should my setup be so vanilla'd to play or "downgrade" to another version of windows or reinstallation of windows? Not worth it in my opinion and sadly, Tarkov has become a nonplayable impulse buy where buyers remorse has set in fully at this point. I hope a new patch can fix this. I want to enjoy this title as much as I've seen content posted on YT.

Downloading 20H2 and going to try that...

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so i just bought the game, havent even played a single raid because im having this error. tried reinstalling battleye and the whole game, updated windows and graphics drivers, tried without anti-virus and still same error, im just wondering will i be able to get a refund if my game is literally unplayable?

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Hi just update windows to the newest version (20h2). It will work after that. Thank me later

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