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Spawn issues


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Started up a PMC night raid on customs, I spawned in plain view of a player scav none the less and within five seconds of my spawn was shot in the head and killed. I did not even get a chance to move.  My spawn location was nowhere near the specified PMC spawns according to all the maps I have seen and looked at.  Can the spawns for PMCS be addressed so we can ensure that we are not being spawned in in plain view of scavs or players who will get and unfair advantage.  I lost a lot of good gear all because of a messed up spawn to which someone else benefited and will now be taking all of my gear.  

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yes... this happens regularly and the devs need to address it.

just last night I spawned in power station on interchange only to be killed by another player scav in under 5 seconds! I basically had time to look at where I as, take two steps and WHACK... dead.

I don't know if they plan on doing anything, but this, more than dsync (which happens a lot), seriously pisses me off.

sidenote: my partner spawned other side of map!!!!

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