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"searching for a group" in game my fellah insta kills me


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Dear Developers,

I searched for a group 15minutes ago, account name : maddd , Iamsogood invited me and spawned on shoreline, 1 second after I turn my teammate kills me and ofc loots all my gear, is the the meta in the game or? :) should I only play with people I know or I should do the same because there is no punishment about it? Looking forward for an answer.


Good day/night everyone.

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The developers said they were going to add a karma system , where scavs must not kill other scavs and PMC's must not kill their teammates . But until then , yeah , you are pretty much right , people can just kill each other without consenquences . Other players will probably reccomend " going to the EFT discord and finding a squad there " , but really , there is nothing preventing people there from teamkilling  each other either .

So TL;DR  wait for the karma system to be implemented ( god knows when ) , and until then play solo or with friends who you can trust . And remember , this game is still in beta , so ofc there are things that don't make sense yet .

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