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A harder Life for Hatchlings

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Hatchlings are a Plague. 

I recommend giving us random Loot at least some of the valuable items. 

Another point is Equipment -Restriction. 

Only allow Players to go in a Raid at least with :

- one Weapon for the main hand 

- a helmet 

- a backpack 

- rig 

- armor  (at least Tier 2) or armored rig 

this will help us other player a lot. If we kill one we get at least few pennies for theire Loot. 

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I can get behind this if they make it so you can still play if you're too broke to afford those items. Whether this be providing a basic set of equipment if your ruples falls below a certain threshold or the player can do scav runs back to back until their stash value exceeds a certain value (Basing it of stash value might be rough but I guess we'll take a chance and say if the player has a bunch of containers in their stash they are at least good enough to make some money and probably won't ever become completely broke)

The main concern is making sure the absolute newest players who might squander all of their money can at least play the game...

Maybe the solution is just account resetting which might still piss off new players.

Ultimately the game should be 1) Unforgiving (Hard) and 2) Allow new players who are learning to still play the game.

If they can't play the game chances of retaining new players might suffer and ultimately that's a bad thing for the game.


Though to your point of getting a few pennies of loot, the dog tags are worth something and the higher the level of hatchling the more the dog tag is worth so you are technically getting a few pennies of loot already. Maybe this isn't a problem as long as you are taking their dog tag.

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killing a Hatchling still gives a dogtag and easy XP.

Hatchlings are not the problem in this game.

The problem is the closet hackers using ESP, like every game.

that's the true problem.  Stop worrying about such a small % of people just trying to scrape some cash together

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