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Couldn't extract from a raid


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I just lost all items from a raid beacuse i couldn't extract from it. It happened on customs on the RUAF Roadblock extraction point. How do I prevent this from happening and is getting back the items i lost a possibility since I have just started playing and dont have much.

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On 1/26/2020 at 12:42 PM, Thormato said:

Simple, go to an Extract that is acutally open

In a nicer way @ketom,


There are some extractions that are always open (like ZB-1011, Crossroads, etc) and others that either have a requirement to be met (i.e XXXX roubles to exit from Dorms V-EX), some that Open up at a specific time (denoted by ???? when viewing extracts) and some that once a player takes to exit, will close. I am sorry you had to deal with losing your stuff, the game should explain this to you a bit more.

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A point of contention I have with this game is how so brutal it is to new players. For that particular extract in Customs it is not always open and if it is you will notice green smoke coming from it.. it's time I believe. If you think that's bad, give Reserve a shot as your PMC. Probably the worst map to try and extract from. Hell, the Scavlands requires a friendly scav to extract with you at the same time. Insane. Best bet is to bring the para cord which can net upwards of 150 000 Rubles.

Good luck.

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My friend just had this, timer kept counting down to 0:00 but couldn't extract just stayed in game, I hear it's a bug that's been around for months. If it wasn't 'open' the timer wouldn't appear at all right?

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If there is a green exfil timer and it reaches 0:00, but you didnt exfil, then that is a bug.

if you were trying to exfil from a spot that was closed off or not active, and your in-game timer reached 0:00, then it is not a bug.


This game is ridiculously frustrating for new players.  exfils with ????? could mean they are open or closed, and you'll have to reach the exfil to see whether it is closed or not.  other exfils are a 1 time use.  other exfils are pay to exfil.  then there is the darn dorms v-ex on the customs map which is just pure painful.  pay 7000 roubles + only 4 people can use it + 60 second exfil timer...


if you want a consistent go-to exfil for a new player, try reserve map.  the sewer manhole is ALWAYS OPEN for EVERYONE.  this includes pmcs and scavs.  the downfall is a no backpack requirement.  go in. kill some stuff and loot some stuff.  throw it on your person + rig + secure container.  exfil.  watch out for snipers at the king dome.

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