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PC is better than the game recomended but i cant run the game

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I bought the game few days ago. I have an i9 9900k, aourus ultra motherboard, 8gb ram, gtx 1060 3gb, run the game on ssd. But some times (the most of the times😥) i start the raids after 5 8 min later, with lots of lag and i dont know why.

Some one can help me?

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Try playing around with the settings. alot of people have similar threads with settings they recommend (to lazy to find at the moment) 

i personally run :

Texture - High

Shadows - Medium

LOD Quality - 2

Visibility - 2500

Shadow visibility - 75

Antialiasing - TAA

Resampling - Off

HBAO - Colored very high

SSR - Off (tanks fps for me if its on)

Antiscopic filtering - on

Turn Game FPS limit to the same as your monitor can do and turn off V-Sync

Ive got a I7 4790 and a gtx 1080ti for refrence. But the game is a bit all over the place rn and people with worse setups sometimes get better fps than people with better setups running the same settings. You just gotta play around in an offline game and see what works for you. Also Turn on ram cleaner and physical cores settings, and make sure you play in fullscreen.


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