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Quality of life improvement: List of lost insured items

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I really hope this hasn't been thrown out there yet as i actually tried to look for it so here goes:


I play multiple rounds a night and i don't make it out of all of them. As i have a lot of gear insured it sometimes can get a bit confusing as to what items i may still have on their way back to me from the insurance. I mean i don't want to throw good money away on a new rifle or armor etc if it could still possibly be returned to me. Sometimes i just get a helmet and some busted armor back and i think to myself "Hmm... what weapon did they nab this run...." 


Lost items list. Simple as that. In the game as it is now there already is a list of all your insured items before you go in to a raid. So lets say that i pay to have my kit insured. I die during the raid and wait for my insurance to come back. The next day i get whats left of my kit back. At this point it would be nice to be able to open up a small list showing all the items insured from that raid with check boxes marking what you got and what you didn't.

This might not sound like a major issue and i will admit that it really isn't. This is a low priority quality of life change i would love to see implemented in the future. I know a lot of people don't care about things like this but for me personally it would be nice to know what my insurance agents bois were unable to retrieve from the field.



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