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Trades with dealers take "items found in raid" first, rather than taking items you bought from market


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Today I'd like to present an issue I have with the way the trading works.

As far as being able to do trades, its fine. However, you don't get to decide which items get traded. For example, the dealer, Mechanic, will trade 4 x Gunpowder "Kite" and 1 x Gunpowder "Eagle", but if I have multiple of those items the dealer will take the found in raid ones first, and leave the ones that I bought from the market in my inventory. This is extremely frustrating, as I just traded all 4 of the Gunpowder "Kite"'s that I was saving for the quest from Rag Man. Here's a screenshot to show you. There's the four gunpowder I just bought off the market, still sitting in my inventory, and the 8 empty slots in the scav junkbox, is where the 4 "found in raid" gunpowder were before I did the trade.

Please change this.... either make it so we can choose which ones get traded, or make it default to taking the non "found in raid" items first.

Thanks for your time.

Screenshot (107).png

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Hi! Just move items you want to keep to your character rig or pockets (I think backpack works also, did not test it). I suggest to check that right items are chosen when doing trade to just make sure.

Good luck!

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