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New Emissary for Italy


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Hello! My name is David.

I Know 5 language (Rus, Ita, Fr, Eng, Latin) Have studied in university of Milan for Finance and Marketing. In free time i drive my bike or practice softair and range shooting. 1 year ago i have bought EFT but have watched it since 2017. EFT is a unique FPS game, because it's realistic, that why is my favorite game. I have started to help new players about 10 month ago, have helped for sure to more than 200 players)))  Started from Russian community and finished in Italian one. I have too many ideas to do with Italian community. My main task is to help grow up EFT community. 
In additional i have skills in game developments (unity), professional translations, video and photo making, weapon knowing on expert level (have friends in guns manufacturing)

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