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Looking for friends


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I am new to the game and I am looking for some friends (I do not enjoy the game alone, it doesn't feel right to me), who can speak English. I am quite friendly to people but it is hard to find friends in EFT! I play on European servers. I am currently level 5 and my favourite map is to play Reserve. 


My player name is OTF_umut

My discord is Outsiders#3403

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Well, most of the time i am playing solo and i enjoy the game solo. (Also beginner)

But, i would like to have a couple of friends for sharing information etc etc...

So, feel free to add me, VodkaPutinAk47

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Hey man if you looking for people to play eft with. I made a community based around finding others to play with! With EFT's new found growth I'm sure a competitive scene will arise. When it does I want to have a team of more hardcore players to. We have had a great start to our community so far and are looking for more cool people that love eft to come hang out and have a good time! If that sounds up your ally : https://discord.gg/rUsdB2X

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Name: Shazza

Bought the game years ago, played it a couple times n stopped, back into it now and im pretty much a freshy so im looking for active mates that are keen on a good time and a good raid

discord name: Shazza#0087

Me and my mates discord (feel free to join ive already made tarkov channels): https://discord.gg/T2K7eKG

Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/id/TheRealShazza/

If your keen send me a message of your name and let me know your looking to party up on tarkov (ive got alot of unread messages)

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