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Getting money as a noob, what would you do

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At the beggining I need to say that I've been reading A LOT of this forum and other 'tutorials'
I am newbie this game, few days experience, but watched it a lot.
I was lucky early runs to find some tetriz and other valutables and decided to buy key tool and all keys to custom dorms + gas station key.
As a scav i am running Interchange. My all traders are level 1 ;(
My gear looks like that: SKS + PS ammo, scav bp, scav vest, sometimes the cheapest armor from traders(22k i guess)

My PMC runs are not going so well, i bring some stuff as scav 1 run of 5 maybe.
What would you do, where would you go to get money? :(


I was thinking about rat-runs SHORELINE, people often leaving there like lv.4 gear. Is this good idea?

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IMO you're on the right track. Do cheap PMC runs and focus on getting your traders up by doing quests. Above lvl 5 you get access to the flea-market and you can sell the goodies you get on your scav / pmc runs. Doing those on Interchange for me always brings in most of the money (check the electronics stores and the hardware corners on the top floor). You can check on sites like https://eft-loot.com/ for what items you should take out. Always go for the best value per slot; taking guns is often not the best option unless you plan on using them.

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If you find tetriz's trade them to mechanic, for a bitcoin, I'm pretty sure the barters at lvl 1. You'll get about 30k more by selling the bitcoin to therapist. Also reserve has a bunch of high value spawns that don't require keys.

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If you are after easy rouble runs then do scav runs on Interchange. Avoid the central area near Kiba and explore the back of shop areas, and loading docks. Just look for metal cutting scissors, bolts, nuts and the blue fuel containers. Power station is a great place to find dead scavs if you need a bigger backpack to store your loot in.

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Use all your scav runs. Scav runs are easier to survive than pmc runs especially early on because all the pmc's spawn at the same time, whereas scavs spawn throughout the game, so other players will be dead or extracted already when you show up. My most successful scav money strategies have been going reserve (theres valuabke loot to be found all over the place on that map, especially in buildings) or doing runs collecting the stashes around the outskirts of interchange. I find that stashes on interchange are often not looted because they are along the outskirts of the map, out of the way of the tryhard pmc's focussing on the interior of the mall. I also avoid killing ai scavs and try to dodge engagements with players whenever possible.

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