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The story behind Tarkov


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Hello dear Eascapers,

My name is Jackson and I am the main GM for Tarkov's TRPG game.As you might've guessed that's all connected to the RP game,which of course means I know lore in and out to get my high position in that area.Tooday I will tell you the story behind the game.

TerraGroup Laboratories is known as the famous good work dealing organization that made all sorts of game braking solutions to health issues.In the world they are known as the savior of the sick,and extremely intelligent organization that is developing all sorts of cures.

For their main distribution and production and research they choose Norvinsk region.Duo to the fact that Norvinsk is a economic special zone.That ment that the region was open in all three transport routs,Air,land,and sea,and TerraGroup could distribute and receive from a single area without needing to move.Despite of that the region was filled with all sorts of precious material they also took to use.

TerraGroup wasn't liked by many,their business seemed shady,but noone could prove it.And in those people was Russian Government.Main reason being that it is a foreign organization working on their soil making a large amount of cash and being highly praised.

One day the Russian government decided to a little snopping around,they first began with regular file check,digital information and such,which in the end showed basic chemicals for making certian health products..however,some products were redacted.They tried to hack into the system but they found it useless because TerrraGroup had top of the line security system data base,which ment no breaches could be done.

After that the Russian government wasn't satisfied with this result,the situation has gotten worse.
An alternative route to find out was by doing checks at the points of interest where TerraGroup has bought the right of storage,which were Bay 5 and 7.Special Units were sent for diggin around the containers,9 out of 10 times they found the casual chemicals..until they found containers with radioactive chemicals,extremely hazardous chemicals,this rose even more suspicion.But that feeling was a two way street.

After the successful raid in the Bay's TerraGroup has noticed changes in the logs of the container checks,and they found out someone was snopping around their cargo trying to dig something up.This is where they decided that no more risk can be taken.This is where United Security comes into place.

United Security or USEC is a American based PMC who is specialized in protection and escort.The company was funded by two ex PMC's Safe sea and KerniSec.
USEC only hires the top guns.Veterans.Besides having US special units and Army veterans they also hire European elites and veterans such as GIGN,KSK-9,NATO Ex Military and etc..

Once TerraGroup hired United Security and told the ordeal,the Contract has been signed.However..TerraGroup hasn't been truthful completely.The forgot to mention the dangerous and extremely hazardous chemicals that were being protected by their soldiers,and that they could be in a health risk.It was only briefly mentioned in a..non dangerous style to wear some sort of protective equipment because some of the chemicals are somewhat dangerous.

USEC from then has protected 100% of each shipments of the Laboratory.

When the Russian government learnt about this situation,it got even worse for them.The reason is that they now cannot send anymore of their troops because it can lead to a conflict,even a war.A government and country officials waging a war against a world known PMC would be a disaster.So they decided to make a secret new unit.By law PMC's cannot be funded within the lands of the Russian land.However,nothing says they can't on the outside.

Government officials bought a PMC in America,and named it Battle Encounter Assault Regiment..or B.E.A.R for short.The new special unit was added as a secret unit branch of the Russian military and was hidden by a fake PMC licence.
B.E.A.R was consisted of the Russ.Elite forces such as VDV,Speznaz,FSB and civilian intelligence.Not as dangerous and professional as USEC but dangerous nontheless.

But as it was predicted a conflict has grown between the two factions.
To the knowledge of United Security,B.E.A.R was there to steal the cargo,and sell it for ransom or use it in their case,they never knew the real truth,until it was too late [thus the reference to the mass killing in the lab in episode 3 of the series].

As the conflict grew large,the USEC operators put up a big fight,but the government kept their unit well equipped.BTR's,BMP's,APC's,Tanks,armored vehicles,helicopters,supplies..until the rest of the world caught onto the story.That's where the UN comes into play.United Nations have tried to calm the conflict,to resolve the issue,but an agreement couldn't be reached.Then UN began an evacuation of civilians from the norvinsk region as the progress of closing the area keeping the war withing the lines of norvinsk.Noone could go in,noone could go out,the checkpoints were watched over by guards,while the rest length of the wall was covered in a mine field.But of course some civilians declined to leave some even hid,took their hunting gear,stole from shops or from their old days of the army,and decided to fight to get their country back.That's how the third party or scavangers have came about.

After the lockdown each group was disconnected from their lead officer,some went rouge,some committed suicide,some kept their cool and did their job and some formed friendships and alliances with former enemies.Some for good,some for evil.Some wanted to stay there and rule the land,some wanted out to see their family again.For some it was a safe heaven a new world to be something they never thought they could,while some were stuck in a literal hell on earth..

And your question is..what TerraGroup made that lead to all this?

TerraGroup was making body upgrades for soldiers.Some were items,such as uniforms,firearms,ammunition,while some where ment to be consumed,like battle stimulants,tablets to improve performance etc..There was even a hunch of nano cell development.On the map the Lab you can see bloody palm prints and finger prints around one area where it is protected by a ballistic wall,that was the place they tested their projects.And of course at the elevator extraction you can find the bodies of dead scientist after USEC found out what they have done and what grave mistake they made.

In this situation,USEC,or B.E.A.R are not to blame,nor to call the bad guys.But only one,we can point a finger to is TerraGroup.

Hope you enjoyed and i hope that now you have a better insight of the lore of the game,and the whole situation.

Good luck Raiding,
Best Regards!

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