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Spawns explained


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Hi all

I am trying to understand how spawns work in Tarkov but I don't find anything online and in the game it is hard to find it out by myself. So maybe you guys know more than me. 

I am wondering when and how spawns work. Every map has a set amount of PMC's on that map (e.g. 6-9). Does that mean that there are always between 6 and 9 PMC's or that at the beginning of the game there will be 6-9 PMC's spawning at the same time? In other words: If i kill 9 PMC's I can be assured there is no other PMC on the map?

Can PMC also spawn later in the game or only at the beginning?

When do Scav's spawn? Only at the beginning or in the middle of a game? Does that also apply to playerscavs?

How many playerscavs can spawn?

Is the spawn-location of PMC's (and playerspawns) completely random or is there some sort of balance (e.g. half of PMC's on one side of the map, the other half on the other side)?


So many questions... but I hope someone has some insight :-)



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All pmc's will spawn at the beginning of a raid. Its possible for some to spawn slightly later base on their pc spec for load times not more than 5 mins usually. All maps will have the same spawn points each raid in which you will learn over time. For scav players they can spawn as early as 5 mins after a raid started in random location.

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