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Player online limit


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I have one suggestion how to make servers and game stable for the most of players.

What about limiting how many players can actually play? Like setting the amount of players that can be ingame/online and put others in a queue at the launcher?

I think this would be much better and let most of players play without interruptions than letting everyone in and crashing everything and none can play normally.

If i remember right, League of Legends had queue at their best times and it was not that bad at all. You could be in the game in minutes.

Wish you all the best,


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No, becuase it can't be regulated.

Once you launch the game you can leave it for 24H on and prevent other people from getting in.

See how silly that would be?

There are already queues and that is called full servers, if server is full you won't be getting into any games

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Grumpy is right, I would leave my game open to queue dodge all day. if it tried to kick me for afk i'll have my roommate move my cursor every little while or write a script to do it for me. 

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