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Thermal Scope Resolution?


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As per the stream just now, i agree that the thermal scopes adds an element to the game that is not constructive, however they do have their place. They just need to be implemented with more mechanics.

Thermal Scopes:

Why don't they instead of having a repair mechanic as Sacriel suggested - they run out of batteries? Either we purchase/raid batteries for them perhaps milspec or we can recharge them in our hideout with a special hideout mod? That would consume generator fuel and time.

Therefor the way for use would be; find or purchase thermal scope -> enter raid and use, battery drains when thermal is turned on (new mechanic required to turn on and off thermals mid raid) -> similar to armour once the raid finishes you will need to charge the scopes batteries therefor you enter the Hideout and charge via hideout and the scope is stored within the hideout until charged. This would require generator to run. 

Other option would be to buy batteries or find in raid batteries for the scopes, this would then bring in a cost for running the scope similar to the above.


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