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Consider lowering the crunch @Developers

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Hi everyone,

after watching today's official stream from Battlestate on twitch I got a really bad feeling about the current situation. I am not talking about the state of the game or the current server problems: I am worried about the hours they are dumping into this project and the toll it might take on some individuals or the whole team.

Now I want to be clear on one thing: Yes, the constant server crashes are annoying as heck. I get that. I am with all of you guys complaining about it and yes, I also lost a ton of good loot after killing players just as the servers went down before I had the chance to loot stuff. 

But having the developers work 24/7, basically living inside the office just won't help anyone longterm and that is what is happening right now, as they have posted on twitter themselves. Yes, I want to have all these server problems be sorted out, but I just don't want them to risk losing essential coworkers from burnout and fatigue because they want to make everyone raging on twitter happy. It is just not worth it. 

I feel like at this point, the normal development of the game can take a bit of a break, while the devs try to sort out the immense increase in their playerbase while also, and this part is important, maintaining humane working conditions. Sure, I'd like to see all the new features they are planning coming into the game, but heck, in my opinion as a relatively new player (about a month on the clock), the basegame itself is working great as is, apart from the servers.

I don't know how the rest of the community feels about all of this, but I just hate to see people suffering from overworking themselves to keep a very vocal minority on twitter in check. I'd like to suggest taking things a bit slower, fix the issues in due time, maybe take a break and then continue to further develop the game. This will be better for everyone involved, even the players, since the game might never get to the point we all want it to be, if important talent just gets wasted in the dumpsterfire that is prolonged crunch.

Just my thoughts.

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I see what you are saying, but they are raking in the dosh, with the promise of allowing ANYONE who buys the game *(Cough, Pre Order) till release to be allowed to play it.

i agree that they need a break, what they should consider is a 2 week rest before the Wipe to allow for some Annual leave...

"If you play with the bull you gonna get the horn"

What i mean is, allow Twitch Drops & Sales knowing full well that the back-end & TCP Stack isn't up to Snuff.

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