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Tarkov Installation Corrupted


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I've been having major issues the past couple days. For some reason Tarkov will not let me delete it or when it reinstalls it rolls back the launcher update when I open it and says I don't have permission to access the files. BUt it says I'm the owner in the files initially. But as soon as it rolls back the launcher it corrupts and says I don't have access to it and it doesn't even let me set myself as owner again. It's becoming extremely discouraging and I cannot find any resources to help with it. Does anyone know how to fix it?  I can't even access the launcher, it says windows doesn't have a specified path.  But when I delete it with safe mode and re-install it, it downloads and I open up the launcher to finish the update and it says to restart it and it rolls back the changes and corrupts it to the point that I can't even change ownership of the files or delete it normally because the exe doesn't allow anyone to access it.  I've been working on fixes all day but nothing has worked.

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