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🌎 United We Stand ~ Adult Gamers (NA/EU)


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Clan History & Information We've been gaming since 2003 and are a well known Battlefield clan. We have many great members and we extend our invitation for you to fight with us (and hopefully St

Welcome to the recent 4 'pubbers' that have come to check us out in EFT and roll with us over the last few days. We encourage more people to check us out.  Our well established, easy going community i

We also support many other games too Battlefield 1 DayZ  Star Citizen  ArmA 3 Miscreated  Rainbow Six: Siege  ARK  any many more

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Never worry about finding a group with us, always someone on to roll with.  Hop on now and group up!

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7 Squads rolling through Tarkov in -UWS- right now, come join one of our teams and meet some good folks.  EU or NA welcome, many of us utilize East Coast servers or London to be able to group with both.

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Morning is upon us.  Fill the glass with whatever is left in last night's bottle and hop on Discord.  You can't play all day if you don't start early!

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