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50% of games with server side issues.

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Over the past five days I have lost 5-10 million in loot due to server side issues. After dying to ghost shots on local servers with 300+ ping I usually stop going geared or do Scav runs. Obviously when I do this the game runs fine so I decide to go in with good gear. Then I disconnect from the server and cant get back in. I disconnected from the server every single LABS run over two separate days. I understand that this game is in beta however, many of the issues are not with the game but with the servers. I would rather fall through a floor because of a bug then know that  I am unable to play or keep my loot due to the devs being cheap and buying terrible servers. I spent a solid amount of money on this game and expect something in return for it. Since I am not able to play the game I gave them money for I expect compensation in one form or the other. How they expect people to keep playing this game when they are clearly making zero progress with the constant server issues blows my mind. Congratulations Tarkov you will be remembered for making a good game with terrible staff that shone for a brief second before dying out along with Battle State games if you don't address the constant issues.

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