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During my recent plays, I noticed that there were several times the players I killed are super geared with low level (lvl1~20). And there are many streamers in China who are lvl 20 and have dozens of LEDX and graphic cards in their stash.



he has blue, red, black, yellow key card

This streamer, lvl 20. I am not denying the possibility of this guy's own work. Or he has good friends. But come on guys.


At first, I thought maybe they got carried by their friends but today I found this site. This is from the Chinese amazon "TAOBAO" and they can just buy rubbles in RMB, so 140rmb ($20) can get 10 million rubbles, the most expensive version you can get 300 million in 3800rmb ($500+). And they can level up your skills to elite in very short period of time


And this service will cause you 1000rmb ($150).

Those streamers even has their own taobao shops to sell those services.

This is no doubt cheat behaviour and I dont know how to report this to Battlestate, and I am sure no matter you are rats or chads players, we worked hard to get our rubbles. And according to their costumers' comments, they rarely got banned from it. Looking for a solution to deal with it, I hate to see such a good game gets destroyed by hackers like that.

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Chinese "gold farmers/power levelers" are in any and every online multiplayer game there is. Even games where you can buy in game currency with real money as a feature of the game, the Chinese will farm and undercut the game's prices.


Welcome to online gaming!

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46 minutes ago, UP7729 said:

All the big streamers are doing this so why are you shocked? Some of the more major ones get free rubles from BSG 

you dont need free rubles this game is so easy toi make money in.... im sitting on 1.8 mill in USD as we speak 290 mil in game stash value. The game is easy once you understand it and if someone is stupid enough to pay for ingame currency or items then they are the real fools. 

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