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So, I think my ISP and/or router might be somehow blocking me from entering raids and disconnects me from the servers right before I spawn in. Is this a common issue? is there a workaround? The main reason I think this is because I can play the game just fine if I connect to my mobile hot spot on my phone. Obviously this isn't ideal even tho it works (high ping). But I'd like to be able to use higher speeds if i can figure out what it is about my internet that isn't allowing me to spawn into raids at all. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Hey KGBeCool!

I know you posted this eight and a half months ago, but I wanted to know if you ever found a solution. I am having the exact same problem: Every time I go to join a raid, I get kicked right before spawning in. It did work from my phone's hotspot though, despite the high ping.




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