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Upgrade not arriving


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I've bought the upgrade from standard edition to EOD this morning but my upgrade has yet to arrive. Both my account and client tell me I am playing the EOD edition.

On other forum people have told me they received it instantly after buying the upgrade without having to wipe their account. 

Can someone explain me why it's taking this long for me? Is the upgrade bugged?

Thanks in advance


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Wow....I wish i freaking knew this beforehand because this is what another thread told me to do 

 and I did what they told me to do expecting that I would get the added items to my existing stash but everything got reset >:C

I've been grinding this game with my friends and this is quite demoralizing to see your stash + hideout reduced to nothing.

Sent in a support ticket but I dunno man :/ prob not gonna play this game till the next wipe


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