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Some Ideas how to get more out of Offline Mode


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Currently offline mode is just for walking around and checking out a map you aren't particularly familiar with, or to test new guns until you get the range in the hideout. I have a couple ideas how to make offline mode more useful hopefully without destroying the balance of the game. I think leaving it so you can't keep anything you get inside would be absolutely necessary to keep people from just farming offline mode, never going into an online raid. Though I do think you should be able to work on skills (with diminishing returns and at a slower rate than online) with the caveat that you have to get enough xp and survive the raid. I would also suggest that dying in offline costs you your gear, but allow you to insure your gear before going in, that way if you die you will get your gear back but you will have to wait a bit (you could also make it so different vendors have different success rates at returning your gear ie. Prapor = 85%, Therapist = 95%), also you should have to heal up between offline raids. Another suggestion would be to award players who meet certain (like 5K/10K/15K) xp requirements and survive a random barter item and have to possibility to get a rare barter item go up depending on how well they do in the offline raid. My final suggestion is that you could use these as narrative devices to unlock online maps, and example would be you have to retrieve an item from the customs building move across the river collect items from dorms, then an item from new gas and finally an item from old gas, then extract after which online customs raids would unlock and these items could be narrative devices explaining the backstory for the map. This could be used to introduce people to each map and provide a little narrative background as to why a map is significant and possibly how it got that way. To keep players from abusing it it could be a special variation that you can only access a certain number of times per day/week.

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