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Teams of 3-5


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Ok so id say I have an issue with how many people are actually allowed in as a team, ive downed 3 people or 4 people just to get rolled by a 4th/5th man when thinking its safe, personally I only have an issue with a 4 or 5man squad being allowed into raids like interchange, ideally id like to see a map soley for 2man squads at a max, ive never done anything more than being solo so I know ill be a minority of players having this issue. I do get a thrill after soloing triple/4man teams but for the most part its not exactly fun goibg broke and having to be a rat to go back in and get mowed down by a 5man team.

Just wish we could get some solo player friendly maps having a max of 2 ppl in a team, not for every map. 

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4-5 man teams take a lot of coordination. If you can work in a 5 man team and communicate successfully than you are rewarded for that.

Optimal for people is 2-3 people in a team - anything above that needs strict coms.

+ not always 5 man teams steamroll. Countless times i have taken out 5 man teams.

Tho i do agree - it's hard to deal with them in tight maps like factory or when you are pinned down.

I find that fighting big teams - it's always good to be on the move and have exit strategy ready at hand - even if it might break your legs :D 

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On 3/3/2018 at 4:53 AM, Maki_Nishikino said:



4 minutes ago, Thormato said:

No, you will never get something like that, its a teambased game, and if you play solo its your own choice...

I mean theres a difference between a team of 3 and a team of 5, being that interchange takes up what 7 or 8 players? Meaning almost 3/4 of the game is taken up by one team, sounds fun lmao, it should be capped at 3man teams like I said 5man teams are just over the top

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26 minutes ago, Thormato said:

Factory is literally the easiest map to steamroll a 5man team, they have literally no advantage

Never been up against a 5man team on factory before or well never really played factory at all due to its lack of loot, all the 5man teams ive come up against have been on interchange which is my main map, always kill 4 while a 5th is hiding in a corner or get steamrolled bc im pinned in a room or long hall

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