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Gunshot sounds


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So I'm new, and as a new player this game is intimidating and needless to say frustrating. I play alot of FPS and have never had issues with sound directions I.E. 

( shots, steps, in game voices, ect...)

But I'm having a hard time with sound in this game, every gun shot sounds like they are coming from the middle/top of my head if that makes sence? I can be getting shot at by a scav in an open spot, and do a 360 and it always sounds like its coming from right on top of my head? No matter how far out the shot is or close the sound comes from the top of my head. I have steelseries artistic 7 bluetooth. Iv tried no ingame headset, or a different set. No help what so ever. Not only is this game unforgiving, its down right brutal if you have NO clue where the shots are coming from. And footsteps aren't much better. Any suggestions?

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For me the sounds are. ...okish. ...not perfect but working.  Even with my desktop-speakers I here where the footsteps or gunshots came from. 

Got hardtimes if I hear a typical "fump fump" indoors and not knowing was that obove or downstairs but all in all sound is working. 

Use Stereo not Dolby,  a quality Headset,  even better Headphone, might also help u out. IRL ofc,  not ingame 🙂

Just search this forum.  Many Threads about sound around here 

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