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Missing bug aloud to report

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hello, I am missing a number of aloud bugs to be reported this week. I have not reported a bug in a few weeks, so I should have the normal number of 10 or 12 aloud per week. unless someone has been using my account without my permission and deleting the bugs they are reporting, then, I can't think of a single reason why I wouldn't be able to report a bug when it happens.  After reporting my first bug in escape from tarkov this week I was unable to report another and the message which usually tells me the amount of bugs I can report each week is telling me I can not report another this week. It reads 0 instead of 11 or what ever the number of bugs I would normally have left to aloud to report after reporting only one this week.

Bug I just tried to report.

When examining a weapon or other item the window which it is examined in gets stuck on my screen and I am un able to remove it by pressing the small "x" in the top right of the window. This has happened a few times and is really annoying. this most recent time I was examine a weapon in the flea market it had a large amount of items on it that I have not been able to see or find while in the flea market here in escape from tarkov. After I had examined  the weapon and its parts I was unable exit out of the window which the gun and its details resided. I then was unable to even exit the flea market or traders menu/window/tab. I had to hard exit the game and am now reporting the additional but here because of the reason listed above. 

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