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Looking for older EFT players. NA


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Looking for a few extra older 25+ EFT players to squad or duo up with. I'm not looking to join a group Discord. 

I run nightly runs around 7pm Central time on the weekdays and on weekends I run pretty late. I have a squad of 4-5 guys that I play with now. Since we all have family and jobs we aren't always available to play. That's why I'm looking for a few extra older players to come hang with us.

Skill level is not an issue. We all work together to run Task/Quests, help find items we need, and just run money making runs.

Not looking to carry people, but we are open to helping new players that want to learn the game and have a laugh.

I'm a level 24 and I have all of the keys for Interchange, Customs, Shoreline, and Reserve. 

I'm even open to doing some one on one training for new players.

Feel free to reply to this message, DM me on here, or DM me on Discord at Doc777#7777 

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If you don't mind giving TS a shot @Doc777 we have the perfect community for ya (well we have one of the biggest ones for EFT tho we do play many other games) with many older players over 25 (hell I'm 36 myself), so it shouldn't be hard to gather other older players within our group. We have players on 24/7 so timezone isn't a problem, and life comes first with us so you'll never be booted out for not attending or appearing to anything. 

If you don't wish to join the community, this is fine too, our TS is open to the public so you can just pop on and play with others, don't get me wrong Discord is great but it's better for smaller group of friends, we are older adults we can afford to provide players with the highest quality VOIP out there, and because Discord is free many younger people -15 tend to roam on there... it's rare to find someone young that can act as someone 18+





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