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I was in a game last night 2/23 on interchange at night as a hatchling. A friendly PMC spared my life at the opposite end of second floor from the red tech room. So i led him to where i left the loot i couldnt fit. there was a kitted out enemy PMC already there... bad news ik... my new friend destroyed him and let me take what he had. I WANT TO KNOW WHO THIS FRIENDLY PMC IS!!! what he didnt know was that i had 2 graphics card in my gamma and he let me loot another 600k off the body!!! it was a record run for me and i didnt even have a kill! P.S. i had to dip i didnt know if he was going to shoot me on extract but thanks bro!!!!! i wish i had my streaming gear so i couldve of shared with everyone! look out for my streams coming tuesday and sat in march!

From your friend,


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