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a letter from a CHINESE player


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This is a letter from a Chinese player who enjoy and love this game. 

I have played OW, PUBG, then i get into this escape from Tarkov, and i really enjoyed this game. But after the Chinese version came out, more and more CHEATER ruined this game, they CHEATed in the GAME, and sold our equipment to the market for the rub, and other new GAMER buy this rub from real money platform, like TAOBAO. Normally the CHEATER and the BUYER get a team into this game, and the cheater give out the stuff to the buyer, and buyer get things into the safe,and after the game, the buyer sold the stuff to the market, then the team of the CHEATER buy the stuff from the custom, even they pay the tax for the custom, i have sceenshot for this dirty trade, they even post on the platform to show how they succeed in this real money trade. so the CHEATER hunt us ,sold our equipment, get the rub, sold this to their customer, 10 million rub is for 130 RMB,which is 20 dollar, and they even sell the key,any kind, a set of the lab key is 450RMB, which is 60 dollar, and they even help the flesh kill us to getting into the game.

so i highly recommend, the team of the escape from tarkov,cancel the market, just like the DIABLO 3, cut the circle of RMT, and make the stuff for BOP(binds on pickup), and limit the number of the trade between the friends, like 3 friends can be trade without limits, but limited to 3,and change time limit to 6 month.i really like the game, i hope this game will not follow the path of the other,like OW, PUBG, APEX, please, dont let the cheater ruined this game.




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Yo, Bro

Hax can be in any games, especially in the game of winning by looting, killing players. You may wanna say lock all chinese up and let them play alone (NO, as far as i know they just can get out of asia area easily)

There are lots of sellers in ebay or discord too....

It's gonna be much difficult to play without market, players are gonna whittled down quickly. That what BSG dont wanna see. and more cheaters dont do sell, they just get an esp and play themselves, that's more hard for battleye to find out.

Of course, I also look forward to the update of the game , because at the beginning of playing 0.12, I cant even take out a pistol, all the money was spent on treatment and food. after the death of running loots, the blood was so low (I prefer the previous versions of running loots), it take a long time for the new to get started. well so they go roubles

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