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Scavenger Crate - The fleshed out idea on how to protect player experience amidst crashes

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Help me flesh this out, I think this could be a good thing for the game. Please read the whole concept as I know after reading the initial description it would seem OP if you don't read down to the balancing aspect.

So I just thought of this after losing a 0 - Hero run on my SCAV to the Back End Kraken (yes lets make that a thing)

Lets be honest every online game is going to have connection issues. Sometimes its the servers, sometimes its peoples internet, etc. The worst thing that can happen in this game is spending 30 minutes working hard to earn a reward, succeeding, and having it stripped away by the interwebs or the Kraken.

The only flaw I see in the current system of SCAV retrieval is once you leave that screen anything not looted gets discarded. This leaves it VERY prone to failure, as if something causes that screen to get bugged/disconnected/missed that's it. Loots gone.


Instead of going to a SCAV equipment screen at the end of the RAID all items should be sent to a "SCAVENGER CRATE" Section. Think of it just like Prapors insurance window. Items can be retrieved not added. I'm not sure where the button to access it would go. Maybe at the bottom of Character Inventory? I don't think adding another button to the menu is the way to go, but what do y'all think.

CAVEAT!! - You CANNOT go on another SCAV run until the crate is TOTALLY empty. (if you want to add a timer to it then that's fine too)

1.) Since the loot is pulled off the SCAV at the same time it normally is, it won't interfere with the current system of the SCAV re-tooling himself for the next RAID after you exit his stats window.

2.) This is the way PMC loot already works, so the framework is there. If it had been my PMC I probably would have kept the items. Its not dependent on a screen.

3.) The current dilemma of 'I have to make space in my main stash for SCAV loot' is still there. You are only allowing players to deal with that dilemma at the time of their choosing. This will make it more digestible for new players, without giving them anything extra. Again they can't do another SCAV run without clearing it. If they try a message pops up"Your SCAV Crate still has items. Please empty it before proceeding".

4.) Regarding the idea that it would become "Extra Storage".  Remember its the same amount of items the SCAV had at the end of the match.  No more, no less.  All you're doing is removing the "decide now" element.  This isn't about storage anyway.  Its about protecting players experience from disconnecting.  What's more impactful?  The challenge of loot managing your 0-Hero run, or losing a full 0-hero loot set because of a SCAV having issues during loot transfer and losing ALL of it?

5.) At the end of the day the Goal is to protect the experience of the player. If that SCAV made it to the exit and the server recorded that, they should get their loot. This goes a long way to ensuring that, and creating some protection.

6.) Lore wise it can be explained as the scavenger sending his loot back to the hideout before re-tooling for the next RAID.


Anyhow, thanks for hanging in with me through all of that. I posted a similar suggest on the battlegate forums under suggestions.

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