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Random Raider "Escort" Events Suggestion

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I have a suggestion that i assume would be a interesting addition to the game in the future:

Random Raider "Escort" Events (Here forth shortened RREES)

Breaking down the concept in to parts i will explain why this would be a valuable addition to the game, how it would work and how it would impact the game.

Starting with the reason why this would be a good addition we can just take a look at Shoreline and Woods. Two pretty barren maps with just a couple places for intense action. Every run you go in to either map you tend to have to move towards either Resort or Lumberyard. And i am not saying that it is a bad thing. I just imagine that it gets repetitive quite quick and you come to expect the same from each run. (would like some true chad input on the matter) Now if this was implemented i imagine the maps would become more dynamic at times causing people to change priorities mid way.

Now lets get in to the meat of it, what i am suggesting. RREES would be a group of Raiders spawning in at a random edge of the map and their objective would be to transport high value cargo to the opposite side of the map. This could for example mean that the RREES could spawn at the "Road to Customs" extract and make their way along the coastline road to the "Tunnel" extract on Shoreline. There should be a decent size to this group, capable of challenging even fully geared 5 man crew's. They should not spawn every raid. I feel like having a 0.5% chance per raid would be pretty good in general.  When spawning there could be some form of a warning siren giving off a alarm so that players could be aware of the event. Perhaps one loud siren on the spawn point and one at the RREES extract. Or flares. Either or, just some form of indication. They would carry pretty standard Raider gear except for the main RREES Raider that should carry a large backpack containing some neat stuff. Just have a random loot pool with a random percent chance of finding stuff like cases, high tier armor, weapons or even absolutely crap tier stuff just so we can have people's dreams crushed.

Now to how this would impact the game. To be honest i doubt it will have a massive impact but it would make maps like Woods and Shoreline have something more alluring to them. It isn't really like the maps are bad. I just feel like it would be a great addition that would make people consider if they want to keep looting the main spots or if they should run out to see if they can take out some raiders for a chance at some really good stuff. It would also increase the value of gear brought in to these raids as perhaps people would prepare for the chance of dealing with a RREES. This would also draw in rats and Scav's all looking for either dead PMC's or dead RREES for that sweet sweet loot.

All and all i would really like to see this implemented at a later stage of the game. Random events just adds more flavor if done correctly.

Any and all opinions that touch this topic are welcome.

(On a side note: Searching for "Random raider event" netted me  7.867 results so if this is a re-post, i don't care. I really don't.... i have no intention of going trough 315 pages of suggestions....)

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