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Squad Matching

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Hello Tarkov Community,

I have a question about squad matching if anyone can shed light on it or direct me toward Tarkov's server matching policies?

Are you able to have a team of 5 vs another team of 5 by purposefully selecting a single server? This would mean a planned 10 individuals would load onto the same map to vs each other. These two squads would be doing this for the purpose of battle only. Before anyone says it's hard to match another players server - well it is not. If both parties enable only one server and the click ready at the same exact time - then there is an 80 percent chance to match in the same game. There is a slightly lower chance to do this with less members in a squad. Trying to match a 5v5 squad which is ten people is very easy and happens almost every time a single server is enabled.

The reason players may want to do this is to run team competitions. May a mod or a dev please tell me if this is allowed or would it be abusing server matching policies?

Thanks again for any help Tarkov Community! 😃

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