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Mind your center of gravity


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Take this for what you will meme or legitimate game-play mechanic. 

 It is simple to understand how a backpack potentially shifts our center of gravity in everyday life.
 When you bag up your canned goods at a grocery store you always put them on the bottom before anything else for good reason.
 I can already imagine Nikita conjuring up this kind of concept for Tarkov in his wildest dreams.

Maybe someday i will be able to give my friend a car battery and watch is character face plant as he tries to sprint stop abruptly.

 Just a few ideas i have, for example say you have backpack that is Half full with enough space toward the top for a tank battery and say you find a tank battery and pick it up not only will the weight cripple your speed and stance but also damage anything below it in your backpack.

 I imagine canned foods like tushonka being mostly immune to crushing but others like computer parts and croutons simply do not stand a chance.

 Just another level of depth to game mechanics. 
 Trying to seed ideas here to be honest.
 Clearly i am happy about the weight changes and i want more like this.

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