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20R Recruiting NA / EU (Est. 2014)


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Welcome to the 20R!

20R is a large, multi-gaming clan founded in 2014 as the 20th Regiment of Foot. Our roots stem from Mount and Blade Warband but has expanded to many other games. We strive to provide both quality casual and competitive experiences to our members in their favorite games. We have members from all over the world including NA and EU regions.

We are currently recruiting new members for our EFT division and would love to have you join us! We hold events regularly with our members with great Rewards. Sign up is simple, just join the discord (https://discord.gg/CvH58T9) and fill out an easy application. One of the recruiters will reach out to for a simple interview going over the rules of the clan and spend some time to get to know you. We show you around the discord and resources available to you before introducing you to the rest of the clan.

You the player will always be our priority and our staff team and officers will do anything in their power to make your experience enjoyable and stress free.
If you have any questions feel free to join our discord (https://discord.gg/CvH58T9)



-       Age:18+

-       Hours in game: 100+


Things we provide for you:

-       Friendly and understanding environment

-       Structured staff team whose priority it is to ensure your enjoyment withing the 20R.

-       Chain of command, ranks, awards and leadership roles.

-       Discord server full of interaction

-       Regular events with prizes

-       Chance to meet and discover new people and new games.



Events are always put in the announcement channel days before the Event. Signing up for these events is required to be eligible for rewards!

We place a high importance of voice activity, we are not a LFG discord and always encourage our members to be in a voice channel chit chatting with the clan.

Real life always comes first. You will not be punished for being inactive if you have a LOA (Leave Of Absence) in place or inform one of the officers.


The Breeki Boys:
We have also just launched a new squad in the EFT division called The Breeki Boys. Members of this squad are the experienced members of our division who have their own voice channels, and text channels. Requirements are:

-       Rank: PVT+

-       Hours: 350+ and / or Level 35+

-       Survival Rate: 35%+

-       Good tactical sense

-       Effective comms

-       Person of character

-       Must provide a screenshot / screen share session for verification

Does the 20R sound like something you would like to be a part of, or do you still have questions?
Join our discord https://discord.gg/CvH58T9 to fill out an application or if you have any questions.

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