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New Interchange Exfils

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I made a ghetto edit of wiki map with the 2 newer ones.  Here's a video showing as much as I know of the Saferoom extract.  I think you need the power on (switch is right outside the computer room in the Power Plant), but I haven't figured it out fully yet.  Happy looting/killing.  



Oh, and here is a picture to clarify the scav camp one a bit more.  And a video for the hole in the fence.  


scav camp.png

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So I'm doing a scav run and I go to the scav camp to exfil...  If you're a scav you have to have a PMC with you for you both to exit and vice versa.  So really, they only added 2 more exfils, not 3.  Pretty ducking stupid exfil, imo.  

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4 hours ago, tNiiick101 said:

how you expect me to bring a friendly scav you off your rockers if you think thats ever happening

this is for squad play when your mate dies and is lucky enough to scav back into same raid. i've seen an acquaintance from AU do this successfully with his team. Not sure if pure luck or if they only have one server and its easy that way.  

Otherwise yea pointless to me too mate. 

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