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Crazy suggestion for BSG


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BSG your game was already highly addictive and enjoyable pre latest update, personally I can't comment on current state since servers was down for me last night but based on the absolute sh#tstorm of negativity on reddit it seems worse now, which leads me to this..

I think it would be better if you just leave all the existing gameplay as is right now and focus all your company's limited resources and manpower working on implementing all the as of yet planned future features, maps, mechanics, skills, servers, items, etc until that is all finished. Instead of having your resources bogged down with this endless back and forth adjustments trying to find a happy medium for most clients for existing features (you will never please everybody). Once everything you guys hope to implement in Tarkov is realized and part of Beta version, you can start fine-tuning the game and make improvements on existing features. This also gives us clients, hopefully, more time to make better suggestions or solutions to existing problems or adjustments we would like to see concerning weight, hatchlings, exploits of game mechanics, and whatever else there is.

While I am here,

1 - Would you consider capping trade on flea market based on total value in Rubles of trade offers instead of the current system?

2 - In regard with hatchlings. Make it based upon PMC spawn weight? Secure containers and items within should have no weight. Only weapons, backpacks, chest rigs, gear and items should have weight and if you spawn as a PMC and your weight exceeds, say 15kg, you are good. If it is under 15kg you can still spawn in but your loot collected in raid gets a tainted mark, like a red symbol, which when you try to sell at traders has a X % less value than normal. Only way to lose that tainted mark on loot when you spawn in under weight is if you stay in-raid for more than half of the raid time given at start. This tainted mark will be depicted on any items PMC tries to sell on flea market as well. I read that devs plan on using some kind of honor system to curb scav on scav violence, so this tainted mark can be tied in that system as well? Any player that buys tainted loot may get it cheaper since PMC with tainted loot will be trying to get rid of it, but the player that buys tainted loot will take a penalty hit on his honor and/or trader reputation. Change weight system to pre last update.

3 - Would love a 'refresh' button for ammo boxes that stacks ammo automaticly instead of manually dragging ammo on ammo since it's tedious process

If you guys agree with some stuff let's get some devs attention with the post, all comments and suggestions welcome. 

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