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Scav Karma System


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I am pretty sure I am not the only one who gets pissed off when you are on a scav run and you pass by a couple ai scavs pass a third (who happens to be a player scav) which waves at you then shoots you in the head. I would love to see a karma system implemented for scavs. If you kill a fellow scav then you lose karma and when you complete scav runs without killing fellow scavs you gain karma. Have everyone start neutral(Like Now), once you get to negative karma you start scav runs hated by other scavs (like now when you kill other scavs) and can be killed by other player scavs without consequence. If you get enough positive karma you become a friend to the scavs. Your karma should also affect the gear you get when you load in but not in a game breaking way. Everyone would still get the same basic loadouts as now, except people with bad karma might get an AK and instead of ps rounds they get US rounds and if they get armor it will never roll higher than 25% durability, neutral karma would be exactly as now, and good karma might get you BT or even BS in your AK, and if you got armor it would roll between 75-100% dura.

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Am 16.3.2020 um 02:27 schrieb Natalino:

Karma system (including for SCAVs) is planned. It will be discussed how exactly it will work once it is ready to come out. 

Should not only planned, should be the next big thing. I wait so long for this...

There will be tons of flamming, crying and hate if you take the "kos den" away, but overall this change is really needed.

Maybe plan ahead, and make it possible or even better automatic with bear/usec logo on helmets and armors (like the usec in the front of trooper armor). Hardest thing will maybe finding the balance between rewarding "Good" and punishing "Evil" players, without cutting any of them out of the game.

We will see...

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I like the idea in theory.  However, there are many times when I'm on a SCAVs run and never encounter a PMC.  So, I'll kill some SCAVs to have something to do.  Otherwise, I have a boring run and no good loot to show for it.  Now I have to wait 20 minutes if I want to do another run.  Perhaps the time limit is reduced if this is implemented.  Because if I spend 10 - 15 minutes on a SCAV run and not much to show for it I'd like to jump back in and try again as soon as possible.

I enjoy playing as a SCAV and would love to see enhancements to the SCAV system.  

- Level up as a SCAV to allow the player to choose between 1 - 3 different load-outs
- Chance of better gear in load-out at higher SCAV level
- The more PMCs you kill in a run the shorter the wait period for the next run

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There is so many times when I am walking around as a scav with literally barebones gear that doesn't sell for anything and another scav hunts and kills you for literally no gains except maybe 30k max after selling all gear. you can make way more money by just looting, or killing an actual player, pmc.

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