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suppressor idea


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A more complicated weapon maintenance system is already in the works, as stated by the about page on the website. We already know individual components like the barrel and suppressor will have their own durability, making MGs more viable for large amounts of automatic fire. Certain suppressors will be cheaper but fail faster, and can't stand constant use as well as the higher end ones. Hope this answers your question!

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Ok, maybe it could add to the game experience if guns and its parts can abrade / erode through usage. Makes cleaning / repairing and gun oil necessary?

A few more wanted gun and ammo features:

For realism, immersion and to understand the mechanics better:

1. Barrel length influences acceleration:

Determines bullet speed, longer the barrel, means more bullet acceleration

----> different barrel length guns although using same ammo ----> different bullet end speed and bc of that different damage and penetration

Simple to understand: to get out the maximum speed/energy out of ammos gun powder the barrel needs to have a certain length. More length ---> more acceleration.

Using the same ammo on different barrel lengths means different results.

High caliber ammo gets not utilized properly from short barrel guns. Physics. Ammo is important, but not the complete story.

2. Barrel rifling influences bullet flying stability / accuracy:

Different kinds of barrel rifling

3. Barrel length influences recoil:

Longer barrel ---> more bullet acceleration ---> more recoil

4. Shorter barrel --> less bullet speed --> less recoil --> less accuracy

I am still fairly new to the game, so correct me if I missed something.

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