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Mobile application for game


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Hi everyone!

Ive made an application with:

-free cost. No any limitation in functionality.

-no banner ads - at all ))

-maps with switchable markers - with descriptions and screenshots

-items comparison such as ammo, weapons, body armors

-ammo you can test in application (soon i will add functionality to test armors as well)

-flea market - simple but very needed for everyone

-search items - been in raid u need to know how much cost this or other item. Search will help you - there is three kinds of price: your flea market price, other players flea market price or default price from wiki

-streams and videos inside the app. Guides or just for fun and streams

-and much more

And many other features. I will implement a lot more. Maybe you have some ideas?

Application is fully translated to english.

download me on Android

Website - translation will be soon

I would be grateful if you download it and give a rating

Im sorry for my english. 







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Hi everyone!

A new version of my app have been released.

Whats new:

  • Vertical orientation!
  • Improved flea market.
  • Weekly average price Twitch streams support.
  • The "Community" section has been added - discords, links to social pages or sites.

Please, follow the link

P.s. please, rate my app in Google Play





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