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Some random ideas

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Dear devs,

watching the last few vodcasts with steamer and nikita i had some ideas that didnt came up.

1. With the seperation of stamina, i think it would be reasonable to correlate lower stamina with endurance and upper stamina with strength. I would rename them as well.

1.1. Firmness

influences the amount of stamina and the rate of exhaustion while running or jumping. Firmness allows you to jump higher,  sprint faster and carry more weight.

Max Level: +150% Lower Stamina

Leveled though Sprinting, Jumping, Walking with 0 Stamina.

1.2 Force

allows you to throw farther, hit harder, carry more weight, as well as holding and restoring breath.

Max Level: -500% breath recovery time

Leveled though Throwing Nades, Melee attacks, Aiming, Holding Breath.

If firmness and force are max level: Only backpack weight is counted.

2. A Ghillie suit was also suggested in some steams and youtube vids.

A Ghillie suit would be OP, if it would just be an addition to the 'normal' loadout. So there have to be some harsh retributions.

2.1. Ghillie suit

  • Type: Armored chest rig
  • Slot: Chest rig
  • Weight: 5 kg
  • Grid Size: 4x8
  • Material: Burlap
  • Armorclass: 0
  • Armorzones: Head, Thorax, Stomach, Arms and Legs
  • Durability: 30
  • Bonus: If prone and undetected, detection radius from raiders and scavs is (significantly) reduced.
  • Penalties: -15% movement speed, -8% turning speed
  • Blocks Armor chest: Yes
  • Blocks Backpack slot: Yes
  • Blocks on Back slot: Yes
  • Inventory: 6 Slots (2*1x2, 2*1x1)

2.2. A Ghillie Suit can only be created in the hideout. This raw Ghillie Suit must be combined with mapspecific items, such as leafs and twigs from Woods, Customs, Reserve and Shoreline, Iron Oxide, Cobalt Aluminate, Dust and Cloth for Factory, Labs and Steets of Tarkov.

2.3. If a Ghillie Suit exists then camouflage for your weapon should exist as well. 

2.4. With the footage of new prone movements, there could be leaning onto a wall and similar 'hiding'  prone movements.

2.5. Talking about camouflage: ToYown Camo Face Paint. (Cosmetic)

3. Everything PVP related needs a counter measurement: Thinking about Thermals.

3.1. Jel Zel Stunt Gel

  • Type: Gel
  • Weight: 0.5 kg
  • Grid Size 2x1
  • Sold by Therapist LL4 Barter (6 Grizzly or so)
  • Use time: 10s
  • Effect: Buffs: Adds 'Its ducking Cold' for 240 seconds (reduces Body Surface Tempature to 12° C), Debuffs: Duration 240s Decreases Metabolism (-20) Delay 250s: Duration 120s Decreases Hydration (-1.2/s), Energy (-0.2/s)
  • Looting 50 Examine 25

4. Passive and Active Skill improvement. Right now its all passive. In the X-Mas Vodcast Nikita revealed, that there are ideas for an active Skillsystem as well. Great. 

4.1. Implementation in Quests

  • I suggest that Questlines should be excluding each other to some capacity. Right now everyone can do every quest. It would be great to see specialization in some areas. For Example: There are basic quests that everyone can do. Like all the quests before lvl 10 or 20. Each dealer then has some amount of quests that everyone can do, but there are Questlines that focus on different combat skills and practical skills. there exclude each other. As rewards the player can unlock one additional Elite Perk in the related combat skill and practical skill. Meaningful variation would be: 1. Sniper Rifles and Pistols, Prone and Sniping 2. Sub Machine Guns and Melee, Silent Operations and Night Operations 3. Assault Rifles and Underbarrel Launcher, Heavy Vests and Weapon Modding 4. Designated Marksman Rifle and Trowables, Clean Operations and Weapon Maintenace 5. Light Machine guns and Sub Machine guns, First aid and Field medicine 6. Revolver and Shotguns, Advanced Modding and light vests, 7. Launcher and Heavy machine guns, Heavy Vests and Weapon Maintenance. That would cover all seven dealers. All the other practical skills like auction, Lockpicking, Covert movement are passive like all mental and physical skills. 
  • If not via the skill system this could be determine the survivor class. (there is something like that in the overview i believe)

4.2. General Implementations

  • Too complex systems suck. Just give each ten level on Point for each Physical, Mental, Combat and Practical skill. For people like me, who like to do other poo, cheesing is not an option. 

Stay healthy. 

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