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How To Further Support BSG?


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I've fallen in love with this game and it's developers over the last couple months. I purchased EoD, but I like to think that there's something more that I can do to support the EFT/BSG team. Anyone know any way to offer more support? I would love to do English text proofing to increase the quality of the translations or something that would better polish the game. Cheater reporting? Anything would be wonderful.

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there are mutliple ways, best is to report any bug you find i guess

could gift EoD to community, help answering questions in forum, watch the tarkovtv streams, give suggestions to improve the game if you have some, if youre a really good player and know basically everything (probably not after just a couple of months) apply as sherpa, create images, item charts and stuff like that

ohh and of course merchandise shop (not sure if its open already)

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