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Personal wishlist for EFT


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Hello everyone,

I would like to share with you a list of features, game mechanics, guns etc. that I would like to see in EFT.

On map Labs

1.    Raiders can also spawn if you use a keycard. The load outs of these raiders are security level dependent, juggernaut level for red and black keycard rooms. These Raiders investigate for intruders at the opened door, inside the room and surroundings. Then patrol around the disturbed security area. Actively looking for intruders. React to gun fire and movement noise.
2.    Reduce the extract points from 7 to 5. Are a bit too much imo.

Features for all maps:

1.    Minimal raid time of 20 minutes for above level 15 players, after these 20 min raid are gone, extract points will be activated.

2.    Secure container is locked against any loot for above level 15 players, these 2 changes make the raids more livid, fight for loot, defend it, easy looting for beginners only.

3.     Balancing hatchling runs vs geared runs, speed of hatchlings brings them first to loot room, but then they will have to still defend the loot.

4.    Thermal scopes work realistically:
A.    Body and clothing have not everywhere the same temperature, even games like Splinter Cell 1 had already a more realistic thermal mechanic.
B.    gLass blocks thermal sight

5.    Anti-cheat: Possible to send a kill-camera-feed with the name
6.    Fix the micro freezes

7.    Realistic armour with weak points:
A.    Example:
Armour vest is weak on side profile (only flexible material, no ceramic or metal plates), shoulder parts and armpits.

8.    Fix shotguns please, they seem to be severely bugged

9.    AI personality and skill set:
Give AI a more profound personality pattern, scavs should have different skills set on a table from 1 to 10, following possible skills:
A.    Talkativity
B.    Grenade throwing
C.    Sneaking/Stealth
D.    Recoil control/ gun handling
E.    Precision
F.    Situational awareness
G.    Team work
H.    Reaction speed from 200 ms to 900 ms.
I.    Seeing in dark places, recognition speed of intruders, like in Splinter cell Blacklist

10.    More map interaction:
A.    Light switches
B.    Motion sensor bound lights
C.    Fuse boxes in basements
D.    Power supply for buildings can be turned on and off in the basement
E.    Destructible wall parts to find hidden loot or alternative entrance.
F.    Locked crates, that can only be opened by a crowbar or blow torch
G.    Doors can be relocked
H.    Ladders can be used
I.    Usable Curtains, Drapes
J.    Fence cutter, feature for extracting for example
K.    Dead letter boxes from traders (rather complex feature to dedign and balance)
11.    Random loot spawns, only buildings are fix, but room and exact location is random
12.    Skills can increase but also decrease depending on playstyle (endurance and strength can decrease again, slowly, if not used most of the time, muscle get sized down by body if not needed)
13.    Treasure chests / personal hidable stash boxes:

A.    3 different versions: 3x3 fields 6 kg heavy, 4x4 fields 10 kg, 5x5 fields 15 kg

B.    1 Chest per map maximal for you, can spawn only in your game session, can be looted from other spawned in players then too.

14.     All keys and keycards have limited usages, also the paracord.
15.    Gun and drum mag jamming, galling of special gun parts over time, needed to be replaced after some time.
16.    Healing should be more realistic:

A.    Binding your arm for example has to be completed to heal you, knoted the binding to hold

B.    Blood loss debuff, blood conserves, how realistic it will be to do it by yourself??

C.    To fix broken bones should be a longer animation
17.    Step-less weight system:

A.    Starting by 0 kg, every pound / 500 gramm debuffs increase slowly in a realistic way.

18.    Stamina bar has 4 zones:
A.    Green 100 % - 75 %: gives buffs
Yellow 75 % - 50 % : no buffs, minor debuffs
Orange 50 % - 25 %: middle debuffs
Red 25 % - 0 %: major debuffs

Make the effects realistic as possible, think about your own body, how he reacts if you go to your limits.

19.    Goal: raid for needed gear, not just money.

A.    Only what you found personally can be sold on flea market.

B.    Top 30 % gear can either be traded against other „found in raid items“, dollar and euro OR to this terms only sold and bought to traders, not allowed on flea market at all. Traders will give you much less than they would demand for the item.

20.    List the names of all competing players that played on the map after the raid. Possible to tag him as a cheater and send video proof, 15 seconds death cam or personal feed.

A.    For players IP adresses should be of course concealed, only visible for server, server also get to know hardware data of every player. To identify using platform.

B.    2 way identification for player account, bound to smartphone and personal ID.

21.    Clothing should be possible to be recolored, to create team based looks. Carmouflage pattern and pattern for guns, backpacks and clothing. Realistic skins.
Can mix up to 4 different colors into the pattern.
22.    Carmouflage color for the face
23.    Carmourflage disabled for top 15 % of armour backpacks.
24.    AI able to use mortars and MGs, grenade launchers, but only elite AI, not scavs. Precision should be bad.

Please feel free to add your own points and critisize mine in a fair way.


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vor 28 Minuten schrieb Beligton:

And camouflage not carmourflage 🙂

Yes, you are right.

25. Indurance cost in % increases with the value of the item.

So a 25.000 rubles worth item will be cheaper in % value to insure than top 25 % gear. Counts for guns, gun parts, helmets, vests, armour, rigs, backpacks etc..

To give more reasons to play light and middle weight / quality gear.


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