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My account seems to be broken

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My account seems to be broken. I bought EOD on the 22nd of Febuary while it was on sale. I got most of the stuff that you are supposed to get, like the upgraded stash, the gamma container, and I might have gotten some of the items too. My issue started maybe a week ago. For some reason, my account on the bsg website, and the launcher both say that I only have the standard edition, when I clearly bought the EOD edition. This has just been brought to my attention when I was trying to play with some friends and they didn't see the crown icon next to my name. (You get the crown icon if you have EOD.) I figured it was just a bug and it would be taken care of soon, but it's been like this for about a week. I'm very worried, as I don't want to spend another 90 dollars to get the upgrade. Someone please help.


My stash and my gamma container.


My account on the website saying I don't have it.

If someone could please take the time to try to help me, I would be so appreciative. Thanks.



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@_Breadsticks did you buy it through a 3rd party seller? i dont even know if they can sell EOD editions but thats the first question

The second would be do you have any credit card/pay pal issues?  its possible your card was declined and they rescinded the edition but physical items couldn't be taken away but again that would be odd

the third thing it could be is just a graphical glitch in which case you got all the benefits but something on their side is just not showing it, in which case you should put forth a support ticket detailing what you have here

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I have a similar problem. Bought the standard edition, got an upgrade to an EOD edition thanks to a Twitch streamer, and then upgraded to the worldwide edition as it seemed the EOD was only valid for the USA territory (I'm in Europe). Everything fine after that.

I've been playing without problems all the time, got my items, my gamma, everything fine. But today I noticed the launcher says "Standard Edition", and in the web profile my preordered edition is... NONE.

I'll send them a ticket, hope it's just a graphic glitch or something similar.

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