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A new way to buy Rubles with real money

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Please see the picture below.

This is a Chinese online store that sells Takov Rubles. They can sell tens of billions of Takov Rubles in a month. And hundreds of chinese players are buying it every day. 

You can buy almost endless Takov Rubles for only a little money (Reality  Money).  The owner of this shop, dozens of people behind them, their daily job is to use cheat software to quickly get unlimited game money and then sell it for real RMB.

This has formed a terrible industry chain of benefits.These people don't care if their account will be banned for cheating because the money they make through one account per day is enough for them to buy another 10 accounts.

In this way, Takov will soon become another PUBG, or even more serious, because it involves real money trade.

Only by completely prohibiting the transfer of items between players in the game,can we fundamentally curb the proliferation of cheating players,  Because most of the cheating players are actually those who sell Takov Rubles.

It is no longer possible to bring cash out of the game, but they have invented a new way: give you some equivalent items in the game, and then you sell it.

We need to focus on banning these players who buy rubles, because the merchants who sell rubles do not care whether their accounts will be banned. As long as someone buys them, they will have countless profits.


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